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Baltimore Bars and Restaurants

I like to compile lists of bars for different cities, but I haven't posted many of them. I stole this from Facebook so I can find it later...

Woodberry kitchen.. call ahead or sit at bar
Faidley Seafood in Lexington Market for the crabcake sandwich, for sure
Nacho Mama's
Brewers Art
The Owl Bar on the Belvedere
Catherine Paparazzo Sascha's 527 Cafe.

Fells Point:
Willow is amazing. Very specialized with drinks and food.
Tapas Adela is phenomenal.

Fed hill:
there's too much. And while you can find good food there I'd skip the area if you're trying to showcase bmore.

Downtown: la scala in little Italy

Salt (in Butcher's Hill) was always my favorite restaurant in Baltimore.
Jack's Bistro in Canton is amazing.
Arco's in Fells for traditional Mexican.
Di Pasquale's east of Patterson Park for an Italian deli on par with what they're used to in Philly. Birds of a Feather in Fells for a killer Scotch bar.
Thai Restaurant on 33rd and Greenmount (yes, in the ghetto) for the best Thai food.
Helmand in Mt. Vernon for blow-you-away Afghan food.
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