avocado_tom (avocado_tom) wrote,

Snow on MLK Day Weekend

How many times have I been driving into or out of Pittsburgh on MLK Day Weekend and had some sort of ballistic snowstorm occur? I know it happened at least 2 or 3 times in college - CMU would just be starting up for the Spring semester and I'd roadtrip out from DelaWHERE, usually with a few compatriots.

It made for some epic stories and adventures (running the open oven for heat, skidding across three lanes on a sheet of pure ice in Maryland, crazy parties)...

As I was driving back into town tonight from DC, the snow started up around Somerset (as usual), just after midnight - a little ahead of the forecasted timeframe - and it was only after a few miles that I realized what weekend it was, and how many miles I'd come in the decades since the first one of those trips.
Tags: history, pgh, snow

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