Roadtrips: #18

Drove up to Townville, PA after work on Friday to look at a VW bus (because I clearly need one).

Ruminations: man, is it snowy and nasty up there in the winter! Lots of fog, and when I hit the road between Meadville and Townville, it was all windy roads with some slush and lots of hills. Great (or at least fun) driving if you can see, but with the fog: whoa.

Bill, the guy selling the bus, was awesome: so awesome that I ended up hanging out with him and his friends all night. First we went to the Voodoo Brewery in Meadville where I had their "Cowbell", "Wynona's something something Brown (?)", and finally "My Son's Porter". At this point I was still on my route home (just 2 hours away) and Bill said: "want to just crash on our floor?" You already know the answer. We then stopped by the Roff School Tavern on the way home - getting pizza delivered to it - and then hung out chatting about cars, music, creation, lives, locales and places to hang hats and all manners of things until late in the evening. The conversation picked up the next morning, and I was sad to go, but stoked at the great new folks...

Establishments: Voodoo has a great vibe (lots of "found" doors used to decorate it) and I loved their beer. Roff School Tavern is an old school with an amazing beer selection. The only bummer is that they probably have more beers than warranted by their clientele, as some of them were a bit too old for serving. Got to play some pool and enjoyed a Brek Christmas beer.

Other notes: Bill has a half-pipe in the hay-loft of his barn. I shit you not.

Magnus Gluteus Maximus

I ran the Virginia Happy Trails Running Club's Fat Ass 50k last weekend: the Maximus Gluteus Maximus. I heard the course was a little short, so I added an extra 0.7 mile loop on the end - complete with a killer hill - just for good measure. I reckon that rounded out the 50...

I completed it in something like 6:37 (they had no official time keepers), which is right around a 13 minute mile pace. I'm pretty happy with that given my training (long run of 8 miles) and the fact that I was shooting for between 12 and 13 minute pace.

The course is pretty damn hilly, but has no real long vert. The descriptions of the Bull Run 50 miler - of which the 50k takes 30 miles from - vary from:Collapse )

So yeah. Good fun.

But as David Hicks - who ran it with me - said: "I need to do more 50k's - they remind me that I never have to do a 50 miler!" Too true...6.5 hours is a lot of time to spend inside your own head on trail...

Bucket list of destinations

Have been needing to start a list of hikes/destinations/things-I-want-to-see for a while, instead of just keeping it in my head, so here's a start:

- long trail in VT
- hatfield/mccoy area (explorations)
- Tasmania's SW National Park - the Port Davey and South Coast Tracks
- bryce/zion
- Pacific Crest
- Mt. St. Helens
- Kili
- Inca Trail (maybe)
- Mt. Washington in NH?
- biking or trekking the Alps
- Glacier Nat'l Park

Baltimore Travel Tips

Found myself telling someone about spots in Bal'mer, so I thought I'd jot them down here...

Pubs/Restaurants:Collapse )

Also of note:

  • Edgar Allen Poe's Grave and a museum dedicated to him.
  • Camden Yards: a great place to see a ballgame
  • Fort McHenry
  • The Aquarium
  • Hampden - a fun neighborhood to walk around, but avoid Cafe Hon.
  • Babe Ruth Museum (haven't been, need to)

Summer Rain

We had seen the foreboding sky off in the distance. He commented, and I acknowledged, albeit with a half-shrug, adding almost as an afterthought "The weather is fickle here...who knows if it'll even reach us. It does look like it's raining up north though."

I lay on the couch almost two hours later, indulging in a few more pages of my after-dinner book before getting back to my long list, I heard the occasional flap from the dining room. I arose and my suspicions were confirmed as lightning played out upon the grand night sky, illuminating the sloped ridge and the downtown skyscrapers that peeked over the top of it. The newspaper started to flap more insistently on the table as I took in both the light show and the cool breeze rushing through the house.

By and by I moved through the house, removing fans and shutting windows, sometimes leaving just a crack at the bottom even though I could tell that just as no rain would penetrate, so too would the breeze I hoped for be blocked. But at least for the moment I left the dining room windows open, anxious to listen to the storm roll in, straining to hear the rain begin to fall as the wind continued to build.

Just as it had been hours before that we saw the storm develop, the rain took it's time in arriving, although it's eventual arrival was foretold by a gentle rustle, a concert of papers, curtains and other small, inconsequential objects stirring in the ever growing wind. I rose again and move to the window, and again, but still the storm teased, growing and building but not allowing itself to be rushed. I managed a few more pages, but I was distracted, waiting to close the window but not waiting to; half-heartedly kicking myself for indulging in reading instead of finishing work on the garden while the weather held.

While submerged in such thoughts I finally heard a change in the soundscape, as a different but altogether familiar and comforting rustle permeated the room. Standing at the window, I felt the first drops born through the screen, the subtle mist reminding me that I was home.

Funk not only moves...

Funk is the strut that is not, in fact, a strut, but merely a channeling of one's true and inner-self.

It serves to provide a dampening funk-tion, reducing the amplititude of negative reverberations while singlehandedly reconstructing that energy into a positive force and aura.

It is in this way that one seems to strut, whereas to trying to recreate such an act would be as fake as the strut itself.

For the aura is the mojo and the mojo the aura. Feel it; get the work done; The Rock will roll.


Made a balsamic vinaigrette for the for the first time.

Trying to get better about cooking at home now that I moved in with Dustin (1) and can get home at a reasonable hour (8 minute commute by bike).

In other news, I got a parking ticket despite having an parking permit and I'm pissed.

That's about all for now.